Expensive last minute purchases?
Not any more.

The HTS Supply Chain Marketplace
allows you to visualize all products
and services on a single platform.
You can immediately compare and buy.
HTS Supply Chain Marketplace end2end solution.

Optimize your use of goods

Operational procedures are often too complicated and not always transparent. Only those who act flexibly, leanly and independently in their organizational structures can stand a chance in the ever-tough digital competition.
This includes a fully integrated, digital marketplace solution in which all products and services of dealers and suppliers can be visualized.
Your stock purchases still work the old way?
We offer an alternative.

Mit der HTS Supply Chain Markertplace

The digital marketplace of the HTS end2end Solution

A fully integrated digital marketplace with supply chain management included.

All products und services on a single digital platform

Everything can be immediately viewed, compared , ordered and bought.

Unique advantages in costs, logistics and quality

Traders, suppliers, buyers and service providers are efficiently
connected on a single platform.

Massiv cost-cutting potential

Through digital real time connection of supply and demand.

Automatic stock control

You have your stock in view at all times.
It is automatically adjusted according to booking and sales.