Create and start
your own digital banner campaigns.
It has never been easier.

Choose your target group, range, duration and budget.
Quick, flexible and with full result control.
IDM - Integrated Destination Marketing.
This is programmatic advertising by HTS.

Address new target groups directly

The classic advertising method: a banner placement on a fixed website for a fixed price. High risk, high scatter loss, optimization hardly possible or only with a lot of delay.  
The programmatic advertising method: place banners exactly where your target audiences are. Low risk, low scatter loss, optimization in real time.
Take the digital initiative and gain more independecne from booking platforms and expensive print advertising.

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With HTS Programmatic Advertising

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising refers to the fully automatic purchase and sale of advertising space in online marketing. It is offered in real time on the most suitable advertising space for the previously determined target group.

Create your own digital banner campaigns

You can create beautiful online banners. Get creative and create your own banner sets from up to 13 formats. And ad serving is already included. This eliminates the need for any manual set-ups or production fees. 

Determine your target audience, range, duration and budet

You have everything under control. Configure your desired target group, choose range, duration and budget of your personalized campaign. Simple set-up and off you go!

No detours through other websites and booking platforms

As soon as your target audience clicks on your banner ad, it is directly guided to your offers without any detours. And can immediately book by a single click.

Full result control

Thanks to live reporting, you always know how the campaign is performing. You can export the reports at any time and show them to your customers and colleagues.