Make all objects digitally visible.
Quickly, easily, independently.

Rethinking digital exhibition management. 
From the app guide to programmatic advertising.
Created with your own Content management System.
This is Exhibition & Auction end2end solution from HTS.

Take the digital initiative

Many museums, galleries and auction houses are facing great challenges. Regular customer segments need to be maintained, while urgently
new, younger target groups have to be addressed.
But conventional exhibition management in connection with classic guiding systems is intense on hardware, costs and staff.
We can help.
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With HTS Exhibit & Auction end2end Solution

Make all objects of your exhibition digitally visible

Quickly, easily, efficiently. No programming knowledge needed.

Create your own app-guide for your visitors

For your guests‘ own mobile device. Online und offline. GPS exhibition map included.

Maintain regualer customers

Put together exklusive packages in cooperation with your business partners.

Address new target groups

Start targeted digital marketing campaigns with programmatic advertising.

Booking with a single click

Your future guests can book your offers without detours on their own mobile device.