Digital Guest Service by HTS

How to make your customers happy!

For your guests nothing works without smartphone today.

They search, find and compare. Usually with just a few clicks. Your guests have become accustomed to having everything always available on their own mobile devices. And without having to wait long to book and buy everything.

But there is one exception: in most hotels you still have to go to the reception to make an appointment for the next massage. Or book a place in the restaurant. Or buy concert tickets. Or to learn what outdoor activities are available in the area. Not to mention the possibility to book by yourself. This costs a lot of time and nerves for guests and employees.

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So why not make all hotel offers digitally available?

HTS offers you the complete hotel management system from a single source, which enables you to control all work and process flows in your company. A consistent and transparent software cloud solution for less hardware and fewer interface problems. A solution that handles everything from checking in to checking out.

Everything is included: POS, CRM, reservation system, finance and personnel management, warehouse management, hotel channel manager and the complete supply chain management including supply chain organization.

Also on board: the HTS Digital Guest Service.

Like all other modules of the HTS end2end Solution, the DGS can be used individually. And the DGS does not interfere with existing software solutions.
Our DGS includes a Content Management System (CMS), which we developed especially for this application. The CMS is very easy to use and requires no programming knowledge. By using the CMS our customers can create and update their own Digital Guest Service,  simply by entering pictures, texts and  much more. You can make all hotel offers digitally available for your guests. Either as a linkon thier our own mobile devices or preinstalled on in-house devices, e.g. tablets. 

But there is more. Your guests can book everything with a single click.

With the CMS you can not only fill your DGS with pictures and texts - audio, video, 360 ° VR and 3D are also possible. And best of all, you can even add a "book now" button, which allows your guests to book all offers themselves on their own mobile devices. Create special packages and offer your guests something new every day! Whether a dinner in the restaurant with regional specialties or a complete package with accommodation, cultural or wellness offer.  With the HTS Digital Guest Service.

And that's not all. Take digital marketing into your own hands with HTS Programmatic Advertising.

Would it not be great if you could also address new target groups with the offers in your DGS? You can. With the HTS module for Programmatic Advertising.
You can use this module independently, as well as your DGS, and it also does not interfere with existing software solutions. In a few steps you can create digital banner campaigns: simply define your target audience, set reach, duration and budget - and your campaign is ready to go!
The integrated algorithm places your banner directly on the websites where your target audience moves the most. If your target group then clicks on your banner, it will land directly with your offers. Without detours through other websites and booking platforms. This guarantees high attention and low scatter loss.

Just try it! There is no cost trap, because you only pay for your own budget, the use of the HTS module for Programmatic Advertising is free of charge.

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